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The National Parents Council has been asked by the Minister for Education and Skills to make a submission on the future direction of policy and practice in relation to the granting of exemptions from the study of Irish in primary and post primary schools. The Minister has launched a consultation paper on this issue as the current arrangements are 25 years old, this paper includes draft revised circulars with proposed changes to the granting of the exemptions for the study of Irish. NPC has compiled a brief survey to get the views of parents on the key changes proposed, based on the questions asked by the Minister regarding the proposed changes.

To complete the survey please click this link complete a separate survey for each child. The closing date of the survey is Thursday 17th January 2019. The NPC would like to apologise for the tight time frame, however we didn’t want to send this to parents at the start of the school holidays. For further information you might like to read the consultation paper click here or you might like to consult the research report by clicking here




The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) are currently reviewing the Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) curriculum for both primary and post primary schools in Ireland. As part of that review, NPC would like to hear the views of parents regarding their children’s RSE education in primary school so that NPC can make a submission to the NCCA, ensuring the views of parents right across Ireland are included on this issue.

We have compiled a survey in order to gather parents’ views and would appreciate it if you could complete and circulate/share this survey to/with other parents of primary school children. The closing date for this survey is the 27th of January 2019To complete this survey please click this link .  We apologise for the number of emails and surveys you have received recently, however we believe that it is very important that parents’ views are included in this RSE review.

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